But Nimoy imbued Spock with a life and complexity that were impossible to deny. Far from being a one-note character, Spock became one of the most complex and nuanced people on television. From his inner torment to his quiet amusement at the humans around him to his occasional flashes of anger, Spock was a constantly…

» 2/27/15 12:56pm Yesterday 12:56pm

Really good episode, yet really the biggest example of the tonal problems this show has. On one hand, it's dark with Tarkin and the Inquisitor really putting Kanan through the ringer, and the stakes are really high. On the other hand, Ezra and Zeb act like Brian and Stewie on a wacky road trip. » 2/24/15 2:28pm Tuesday 2:28pm

I loved The Gate. Maybe what I miss most about the '80s is how kids movies had mature themes and didn't treat children like sensitive morons. The Gate, The Boy Who Could Fly, Lucas, The Outsiders, The Manhattan Project, Better Off Dead, Stand By Me, no way that stuff could get made in 2015. » 2/20/15 10:48am 2/20/15 10:48am

"Magic" by Coldplay?! I'd understand if someone is dusting off Parachutes to fuck to, but if you're fucking your girl to "Magic," you're probably also doing so after hoping into your Prius, taking her to Cheescake Factory and a showing of Fifty Shades of Grey. » 2/13/15 3:27pm 2/13/15 3:27pm

Yes! I like that guy from Breaking Bad when he's silent. His constant fat jokes, which I hate because it's easy, lazy comedy, detracted from the topic. And it made the other lady extremely uncomfortable. The whole thing made it look like Larry had no control over his show. » 2/10/15 9:44pm 2/10/15 9:44pm