This is why I don't work at a call center. It's a no-win situation. I worked a call center once in high school. For Pizza Hut. This was in Denver, they had it so you only needed to call one number and the call center ordered the pizza for you. It wasn't as bad as a cable company's angry customer line, but it still… » 7/24/14 6:38pm Yesterday 6:38pm

Once you figure out that you can treat your customers like shit and they'll still pay, there are so many ways to profit. Especially if you can bundle up the horrible service with the security and economic fears (fuel is expensive, there are terrorists everywhere trying to down the planes) then people just accept their… » 7/24/14 3:06pm Yesterday 3:06pm

Sounds like the Kia Forte5 SX is the Mazda3 competitor you keep forgetting. More tuned for driving dynamics than an Elantra GT. SX comes in 6sp man and 201hp turbo. Not quite ready to take on GTI or Focus ST but maybe Mazda3. » 7/22/14 6:10pm Tuesday 6:10pm

After four, I'm done. Look, HBO has had an excellent run these last four or five years. They were bound to make another John From Cincinnati sometime soon. Even their duds have hardcore followers, I loved every single moment of Tell Me You Love Me. But I can't deal with another hour of an entire world suffering from… » 7/21/14 1:42pm Monday 1:42pm